January 18, 2013

Tomes: Miscellanea #1

Anyone who knows me is already well aware that I collect junk. Truth be told, it’s kind of a compulsion.
As a self-proclaimed aesthete, I’m an especially avid collector of printed ephemera from the modern era.

In an effort to step up both the variety and frequency of posts on the Globule in the new year, I’m introducing “Miscellanea”, a dumping ground for recent acquisitions, highlighting bright points of graphic inspiration.

TRW Space Log 1970-1971
Not only is this a detailed catalog of every space launch undertaken by man from 1957-1971 (complete with “box score” of successes vs failures by year), the cover is a gem of vectorized space minimalism.

2010 01SJ Biennial Catalog
I was given this “chap-book” size catalog as an attendent of the exhibition, which features simple geometric motifs throughout, and a superb use of multi-color Risograph printing on variously colored pages. I’m a huge fan of the Xerox-esque “Riso Look”, which I first encountered in my role as a borderline slave in a print shop, age 14.

Moise 7″
This mystery Eurodisco 7″ caught my attention with its stylized slab serif type treatment and bootleg artwork. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Plus the cigarette burn adds a whole ‘nother dimension of vintage authenticity.

The Electronic Music Instrument Manual
While I had high hopes for the actual content of the book (it’s mostly about electric organ-style tone generation), the geometric 2-color line art and vague “computer” motif are pretty great on their own. The off-center header is a nice touch.