November 17, 2013

Unheard-Of: Hydravion – S/T

This little-known slab of 1977 futurism features some epic synth-funk workouts courtesy of the woefully under-documented synth maestro Phillippe Besombes (of the NWW list-level collective Pôle) and a host of other players, including “Cooky Rhinoceros” (your guess is as good as mine).

Chunky synth lines, flanger-soaked bass riffs, and a loose n wooly jam style set this record apart from your standard space-rock outing. Jammy, epic synth and guitar lines coalesce over churning discoid stomp, with occasional flare-ups of full on prog-shred. The perfect soundtrack to a Moebius comic, or any other 70s Heavy Metal fare, with plenty of burly post-glam swag and blunted sci-fi vibes in equal measure. A spaced-out trip from a time when the future was a little more visceral.

Grab it HERE